kcdad (kcdad) wrote,

November 2012

A gotta hand it to Illinois Central College... they are nothing if not consistent. I received a notice from SURS (The state teachers retirement fund)on Tuesday informing me that my employment at I.C.C. had been terminated. Very interesting... 1) I.C.C. never informed me of that. 2) I have now bee effectively unemployed for 10 weeks or more. (I had taught in the fall mini-mester in August and was told to check the spring schedule in November.)

It doesn't surprise me that they operate this way... they have been doing similar things for the 9 years I have worked there. (Beginning with hiring me two days before a class started, a three hour lecture, and not getting me a text until THAT day.) For the past two years they have been using my reputation to fill classes: They would put my name as instructor until the class filled up and then reassign the class to a full time faculty who the students hate and wouldn't sign up for if the class was free.

They are typical of many colleges who operate as "non-profits", and as "community colleges"; they may have nothing they can call profits, but that is because they waste so much of their income on nonsense (recruiting students from other states and countries... (FOR A COMMUNITY COLLEGE!!!) and graft and lining the pockets of the administration.

They have NO interest in educating the students that attend (if they do receive an education, that is not even acknowledged)they are merely interested in filling seats in the classrooms and collecting as much state and local money as possible. 80% of the staff is adjunct faculty teaching for minimum wages ($16,000 a year MAX) and the full time staff has been around so long they are teaching the exact same classes they taught 30 years ago.. the same lectures, the same assignments...

In short they are in the business of selling certificates and diplomas that mean NOTHING except that the recipient has stumbled his way through the gauntlet and paid his tuition and fees.

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