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Of course I'm a communist, I'm a follower of Jesus

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Veterans Day
Funny how all of sudden everyone is proud of the veterans... everyone is proud to have served... everyone cares about those serving overseas...


I served, got paid, got health benefits and got out. I did my duty and got paid quite well for it including a Master's Degree, and no down low interest mortgage through the GI Bill.

It angers me that some enter the service for patriotic reasons (or so they claim) and get sent overseas to fight some ridiculous imperialistic war for natural resources and strategic global logistics. They come home (from Iraq, Afghanistan) with PTSD, lung and brain disorders or injuries and are quickly forgotten as more go to replace them...

Why do you think so many of those being shipped overseas were Reserves and National Guard and NOT regulars? Stop and think about it for a couple of minutes... WHY not regulars?

If it were a REAL war, they would have sent the regulars. The trained professionals. Instead they sent the weekend warriors, the "Stand ins".

You want to remember and honor the veterans?
END THE MADNESS of using war as a political and economic tool.