kcdad (kcdad) wrote,

April 14, 2015

Let me tell you about my week...
Directing 2 plays for Elementary schools in Dunlap (performances this week, neither is ready). I was given one month of 1 hour a week rehearsals to get them ready.
Gridiron is this week, three rehearsals and a performance... SAME NIGHT as my last school performance. I wrote one of the skits and one of the songs we are doing this year!!

My daughter comes to visit Thursday... the same day as the play and gridiron... and then my niece arrives Friday... next week is my dad's 90th birthday. yard work, cleaning, finding props...

Oh yeah, one of cats is sick.

Did I mention I have teaching a week long Summer Camp session in June, on acting? yeah, that's on the plate too.

But here is what I know.
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