Diane Sellner C.A.R.M. Matt Slick

Diane Sellner, the "vice president" of CARM (Christian Apologetic Research Ministry) is a Vindictive, Evil, Anti-christ. I have no idea how Matt Slick, the President and owner of the site put up with her. What an embarrassment.
DO NOT go to that website... it is a political platform disguised as a non-profit religious organization...

She claims to be (or have been) a nurse and yet continually practices medicine on the web site, diagnosing psychological disorders and prescribing treatments. She denounces breastfeeding as spoiling the child by feeding on demand. She supports the banning of breast feeding in public because it is "offensive and immodest".

She actively supports presidential candidates and political movements (even though they are a non-profit, and banned from such activity) and suspends or bans those posters who don't agree with her point of view, which in her view, is because they are "not filled with the holy spirit" like she is, and if they don't agree with her they are godless, evil children of satan.

I suspect that she and Matt have a personal relationship that she uses to maintain influence over his otherwise fairly rational ministry. There can be no other explanation as to why he grants her such power in his name over his website. Why else would he risk being investigated by the IRS and the probable loss of his non-profit status?

Even other christian groups recognise her lunacy:



In this testimony, Slick uses Sellner as his personal attack dog, and then distances himself from her...

An example of her idiocy was this post during the 2008 Presidential campaign about Barack Obama:
"Read my lips.
He is a demon from the pit of hell, serving satan, a marxist, socialist baby killer and I would die before I would ever respect a baby killer.

How much more do I have to say to make it clear. I believe the man could be the antiChrist...........I do not respect will never respect a man that would vote for partial birth abortion or leaving a baby to die...

I will go a step further, I have NO respect for any person voting for him, even if it were my own mother voting for him......

Diane Sellner, "

Here is her Facebook page:

If you wish to learn about Slick and his heretical Calvinist teachings, he is all over the place... :

These are others who find Slick's ministry , uh, questionable.

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Good Bye Mr Dickens

Today, this morning I walked out to my backyard and found my 5 year old cat laying on the ground like he was sleeping... no marks, mouth closed, claws retracted... and dead.

I have lost pets before through old age or accidents, but not so completely unexpectedly and for seemingly no reason.

I am very sad.

Glenn Beck and inconsistency.

In these two clips from Beck (before he was fired) we see his usual ranting and raving about whatever is "hot" at the moment.

In the first one, we hear him complain about a brutal beating in Chicago and wails about "how did this become the norm?"

In the second Beck explains that the media ONLY shows the fringes and xtremes and never shows the norms and mainstream of society.

Ahhh... it is difficult to watch these two separately and argue with Glenn... but when you realize he is talkng out of both sides of his mouth ALL THE TIME, your ears perk up every time he tries something like this.

Of course... you have to have a memory and the ability to critically think about what you hear, read and see.

I'm just sayin'


"In Puritan doctrine only the few destined for heaven can enjoy earthly wealth - that’s why there aren’t many rich folks - and poverty is the widespread sign of being destined for hell. But Puritanism was too dour for most Americans, so the notion that God wants his many followers to become as well-heeled as possible really took off with the emergence of the celebratory, self help oriented evangelical and Pentecostal Prosperity Christianity that the likes of Amy McPherson began to promote at the same time the modern corporate-consumer culture arose after the first world war. "

Shooting and Bombing in Oslo, Norway, July 22, 2011